We believe EOS has the potential to positively impact the lives of billions of people around the world trough scalable, secure and robust distributed applications. EOS Rio team is committed to contribute its best to fulfill EOS potential. 

EOS Rio Team


Purpose Over Profit

Being an EOS block producer is a responsibility and we will never compromise our mission's achievement for short term rewards. #eosriovalues

Community Driven

We work with freedom and empowerment to serve our community.Our team's main effort is: deliver results and build value for the EOS community. #eosriovalues

Collaboration Over Competition

None of us is as smart as all of us. We are interdependent and we believe that collaboration between members of the network is the key to achieve greater goals. #eosriovalues


Full transparency is key for trust. Trust is the foundation of great teamwork. #eosriovalues


Automation and control Engineer, Machine Learning masters dropout, EOS early-adopter and arguably one of the most knowledgeable and proficient engineers in EOS ecosystem.

Igor Lins e Silva

Head of Technology

Combining long term product vision, UX naural talent and great coding skills, Domi manage a diverse and resourceful team that ships quality user-friendly software at breakneck speed.

Dominique Deschatre

DApp/Mobile Developer

With 10+ years experience in multiple roles at startups, from CFO to Customer Success, and a top-management consulting background, Canellas is responsible for strategy and biz dev.

Thiago Canellas

Strategy & Blockchain

Bachelor's degree in product design. Experience in different creative fields. As a Designer works between what things are and what they could be.

Rafael Muniz

Brand and Design

Bachelor in Business with specialization courses in information technology at the University of Cambridge. Wide experience in consulting for website models and related programming.

Patrick Deschatre

UI/UX Design

Lawyer turned into serial entrepreneur with an ability to weave networks around projects. Luiz formed engaged communities in different environments, from financial markets to startups.

Luiz Hadad

Head of community

Bachelor in computer engineer by UCP. Software developer with nine years of experience on development front-end, back-end, multi-platform and now developing in blockchain.

Jailon Aguiar

DApp/Mobile Developer

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Traveling to Rio de Janeiro? You will always have a place with open doors where you can visit and have a good conversation about eos, blockchain and technology!

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