simplEOS version 0.6.9 is out \o/

simplEOS version 0.6.9 is out \o/

Hey guys! We’ve been working over the past few weeks on this update and we hope you’re going to like it 🙂

This time we fixed few bugs and implemented the following features on simplEOS:

– Fixed frozen action bug

– Fixed issue when sending some airdrops

– History improvements

– Resources page

– Encrypted backup export and import

– Quick key generator

A huge issue to our user lately has been the frozen action bugs. It happened when you tried to perform any actions like stake/unstake and the wheel would be spinning for a long time and the action wouldn’t be performed. SimplEOS v0.6.9 fixed this issue.

We also made history improvements and added the resources page.

Now, we’re going to break down the resources page feature.

Resources page

The resources page has three features:

i) real time RAM pricing;

ii) buy and sell RAM

iii) manage your delegated resources

Trading RAM will be quite simplEOS in v0.6.9. All we ask you to do is type how much RAM you want to trade, then click buy or sell. You can always check the RAM prices to help you at the decision making process.

To manage your delegated resources, all you have todo is to click on the red button and unstake your token. It’ll go back to you in 72 hours. We also built a NET and CPU monitor so users can easily check resources at anytime.

Encrypted Backup

In version 0.6.9 now you can export and import an encrypted backup. Go to settings and check the bottom right.

Did you like our news?

Than download the new version 0.6.9 on GitHub 🙂

.exe for windows
.dmg for mac
.appImage or .deb for linux

EOS Rio sponsors blockchain hackathon in Brazil’s HackTown festival

Over the last weekend the HackTown festival took place in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, a small town with 40 thousand people in Minas Gerais.

HackTown is considered the “brazilian SXSW”, with people from all over the country & few foreigners coming over to enjoy the festival. The festival takes place from the 5th until the 9th of September, over Brazil’s independence day holiday.

Santa Rita do Sapucaí is well known for hosting INATEL, Brazil’s National Institute of Communications. The institution is well known for its electrical engineering and telecommunications education and research.

But, how did a small town became a tech hub in Brazil?

This significant change begun in 1950’s when Sinhá Moreira, the wife of a diplomat and an aristocrat’s daughter, came back to Santa Rita do Sapucaí after living years with her husband in countries like US, Japan, and China.

Sinhá Moreira came back with the belief that the future moved towards innovation & technology. She was a political activist and dedicated all her life to creating Latin America’s first Electronic Technical School.

Telling a long story short, Santa Rita’s slogan nowadays is “creative city – happy city.” The city has more than 195 companies, all somehow related to innovation & technology.

Behind all this story, we got the message that a group of citizens can, indeed, make a difference for their community. Great people surrounded Sinhá Moreira, and she changed her hometown’s story.

With this story in mind, it was a pleasure for us to be part of the first hackathon on the HackTown. When we knew that the event would have blockchain as their theme, we did our best to secure that EOS would be the platform that the teams would use & learn about.

Over 40 participants attended the event. It was such a fantastic experience to see how they all worked hard for 24 hours to deliver cool projects. The hackathon’s challenge was to create a dApp to cause positive social & environmental impact using EOSIO.

The event had a qualifying phase where the experts would choose the three best projects. Then they presented to the crowd on the BlockSpace, a space on HackTown entirely dedicated to blockchain projects/debates/speakers.

The best projects won more than R$3.000 reais on prizes. But everyone got the most important prize: they all left the hackathon different then they entered. It was amazing to see the participants curious about the possibilities that decentralized business models allow us.

Here’s the list of teams that qualified to the final and the solutions they came up with:

1st — LifeChain: transparency and security to the organ donation waiting list

2nd — AdoPet: facilitate animal adoption and provide incentives for treating animals well

3rd — Héstia: transparency & tracking to charity donations

Our participation during the HackTown didn’t end with the hackathon. Luiz Hadad, our head of community, facilitated a workshop about Blockchain Governance and talked about our experience working on EOS.

Luiz also participated In a debate with other blockchain enthusiasts such as Solange Gueiros, Fausto Vanim, Courtnay Guimaraes and André Salem about blockchain’s challenges & opportunities in Brazil.

Participating on the HackTown was a great experience, and we want to be there next year.

We would like to thank Huobi Brasil for sponsoring the hackathon with us. Also all the support we got from the BeSpiral crew : Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho @ranulfo, Karla Córdoba-Brenes @muguika, and Julien Lucca @julienlucca. They were terrific mentoring the teams, sharing knowledge and collaborating with their practical experience.

Also big thanks to Shawee for managing the hackathon. It was such a pleasure to work with your team. They just uploaded this amazing video showing us more about the hackathon. Check it out:

That’s how EOS Rio came back from Santa Rita do Sapucaí. Understanding that education is a crucial factor to grow EOS adoption. We’ve been trying to do it by non-scalable things first in Brazil. That’s why we’re organizing and sponsoring hackathons & meetups around the country.

Education & community building. These are keywords for growing EOS adoption. The more people learn about our platform, more people will start using and talking about it.

On the next week, our team will split up. Igor and Domi will attend the Blockchain Live event in London. Luiz and Thiago will be in São Paulo for the EOS Rio hackathon finals during the BlockCrypto conference. We will also organize a meetup on the 27th with Blockchain Academy. Feel free to join us 🙂

We hope to see you in London or SĂŁo Paulo!

Made with ❤ by EOS Rio

We are a Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet & WORBLI network

EOS Rio joins the WORBLI network! \o/

Latin America has more than 250 million unbanked adults. People that have no access to capital market and the financial tools that can empower one to revert the vicious cycle of poverty, by accessing credit, protecting assets through insurance, investing to preserve property and having trusted third parties to facilitate transactions. Solving problems like this is one of the reasons why we chose to work with blockchain. We believe that this scenario creates an environment for massive disruption. Thus, we at EOS Rio have worked with different initiatives leveraging blockchain to bring financial services to the unbanked, such as Banco Maré.

We are happy to announce that EOS Rio is stepping up our efforts by collaborating as block producer on WORBLI, a sister chain of EOS. WORBLI optimizes EOSIO for enterprises and financial operations by making adjustments to the software and setting specific governance and rules. Those are different from EOS mainnet for increased compliance.

It’s a great thing that our ecosystem has the flexibility to launch sister chains as a way to meet compliance standards worldwide. This improves usability and takes us one step closer to mass adoption.

WORBLI provides a massive opportunity for disruption of financial services. Unlocking access to capital in emerging markets and serving the 2.4 billion unbanked worldwide are just two of the many possible applications that will provide the conditions to leapfrog traditional banking system and make a faster transition to a crypto economy – and we’re stoked to be part of this movement!

The WORBLI community can expect us to work on the development of inter-blockchain communication (IBC) and sidechains, build tools to empower the community and educate people to grow adoption.

It’s important to say that our commitment as EOS Block Producers just gets stronger with this partnership. EOS mainnet is our priority and we will keep our “block producing first” policy, as stated in our code of conduct.

In our view, it’s a complementary work to be Block Producers on both chains. The EOS ecosystem will benefit from WORBLI’s adoption because network effects will create value to EOS mainnet as more people join WORBLI.

It’s a big pleasure to be part of this project! The future is near and we’re excited to be part of the change 🙂

If you would like to have more explanations on WORBLI, you can check their FAQ and website 🙂
You can also join our community at the Telegram channel

made with <3 by EOS Rio

BeSpiral is the first Brazilian dApp on EOS… go figure! – EOS Rio Meetup in SĂŁo Paulo

Last August 28th I had the opportunity to attend the first EOS Rio Meetup in São Paulo city at BandTec Digital School. We were pleased to meet some of EOS Rio team members (Luiz, Dominique, Igor, Thiago), who introduced their work to an enthusiastic crowd of EOS fans, developers and promoters.

EOS Rio team guided us through the different blockchain generations, the differences between POW (Proof-of-work), POS (Proof-of-Stake) and DPOS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake), what a Block Producer actually does on EOS and the main tools available today to entrepreneurs and developers aiming to build on top of EOSIO. We learned about Sidechains and its advantages (including the possibility of sharing Block Producers between parallel chains). One of the main focus of the conversation was Governance, a hot topic in EOS community right now.

During the event we learned about Huobi and all the tools they offer for crypto-crypto trading. Huobi is also a Block Producer and is supporting EOS Rio Hackathon (coming soon… see you there!)

I attended the meetup with Ranulfo Paiva Sobrinho @ranulfo, my co-founder at BeSpiral and Julien Lucca, from our Development team. Together we had the amazing opportunity to introduce BeSpiral main concepts and structure (including a quick sneak peek of our beautiful brand new user interface… I’m such a #proudmom)… It’s so nice to have the chance to share our ideas and receive positive and constructive feedback from people also committed to solve big problems and create thriving communities.

From left to right: Karla, Ranulfo, Thiago (EOS Rio) and Lucca.

And… surprise! surprise! We got to know that BeSpiral is the first Brazilian dApp on EOS! such an honour to be taking the first steps on this journey, hoping to inspire many others to experiment and create with EOS powerful technology.

The work that EOS Rio is doing is fantastic, developing the infrastructure but also a strong community eager to collaborate. We share their vision of cooperation in Latin America, towards building a solid knowledge base in Spanish and Portuguese about EOS technology, tools and emerging projects.

Being from Costa Rica #PuraVida (I’m a happy Costa Rican living in Brazil) I had to get in touch with EOS Costa Rica @eos-costarica (another strong EOS Block Producer). After a positive and refreshing video chat with Edgar, Xavier and Gabo, I’m more than certain that the Latin American EOS community is full of possibilities. We love to be linking @eosrio and @eos-costarica, and looking forward to collaborate with these two amazing teams to spread the voice about EOS on the region.

BeSpiral will also be one of Costa Rica’s first dApps (we are planning to start soon a pilot in Costa Rica and another one in Brazil, stay tuned), joining DMeetup, SmartGate and other Costa Rican initiatives.

Many thanks to our sponsor Shuttleworth Foundation and our collaborators (Leo Ribeiro @leordev, Lucca and all our friends from Centurion-Cielo Blu) for joining us in this adventure.

BeSpiral is an open platform that allows any group of people with a shared socio environmental purpose to design, launch and maintain their own cryptocurrency on blockchain, under their own rules and values. With BeSpiral communities will minimize negative consequences triggered by economic crisis, at the same time solving environmental and social problems.

Do you want to know more about BeSpiral? Check out our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, (coming soon on Steemit) and stay tuned for our future posts about our vision, plans and future pilot communities.

An inspiring quote I’ve found at BandTec Digital School: “In a world becoming more and more digital, true personal relationships are even more important in our lives”

EOS Rio hosts its first meetup in SĂŁo Paulo

Yesterday we did our first meetup in SĂŁo Paulo!

To start the event we did an icebreaking session with the meetup participants.

After that Igor Lins e Silva (head of technology) and Thiago Canellas (head of strategy) presented to the community updates on infrastructure and governance, among other topics.

Frank Tao and Susana Liu, from Huobi Brasil, made a presentation about the company’s plans for Brazil and help the EOS community.

And the night ended with a pitch from BeSpiral. It’s a very cool initiative from the community in SĂŁo Paulo.

We hope to collaborate and support this amazing community. In late september we will be hosting another meetup and the EOS Rio hackathon finals, at the BlockCrypto Conference. Events like that can foster the EOS community in a very important city for Latin America.

Many thanks to our meetup partners Huobi Brasil & Faculdade BandTec

Made with <3 by EOS Rio